Internal Links

External Links

  • Atometric – 100-200kRPM spindle micro-machines
  • Tolomatic – Servo controllers, good tools for sizing linear motors

Precision Engineering

  • IKO – Precision linear stages
  • Bal-tec – Parts for kinematic couplings
Magnetic or Air Bearings / Air Motors
  • ProDex – Surgical instruments
  • AeroTech – Great potential user of new coil technology (cog free motor)
Successful Vibration Harvesting Devices
  • IMI Sensors – Vibration switches – mostly Piezoelectric
  • Railroad Harvester – News article on railroad energy harvester (example of “spin-up” or rectification)
For fun

Undergraduate Advising Information/Links

  • ME Catalog –
    • Official documentation for prerequisites.
  • Important Changes/Updates to the ME curriculum/course offerings.
    • Fall 2018
      • ME 481/482 (Senior Design)
        • Starting in Spring 2019 ME 481 will be offered every semester.
        • Starting in Fall 2019 ME 482 will be offered every semester.
        • This change means ME 481 instructors will not be exercising the “or consent” option for prerequisite overrides very often staring Fall 2019. I.e. very few if any prerequisites overrides will be allowed starting Fall 2019 so plan ahead.
  • Common Issues
    •  Prerequisites
      • “Managing all the prerequisites is probably the most difficult part of the current ME curriculum.  For this reason, it is strongly advised that you plan out your courses from now through graduation to make sure that you are taking the prerequisite classes you need to make progress through the curriculum.” Brian Bingham
      • Common Pitfalls and Highlights – You need to pay attention to all courses and prerequisites, so use the below with caution (i.e. don’t ignore the other prerequisites).
        • The ME curriculum gateway courses require Chem 162, MATH 242, MATH 244, MATH 243, MATH 302, Phys 170. Do not delay these courses.
        • The ME gateway courses are ME 311, ME 331, and ME 371.
        • ME 481 (senior design) requires ME 322, ME 341, ME 372, and ME 375.
    • Final Graduation Preparation
        • I know you get many emails per day, so do I; but graduation application deadlines are crucial.
      • During advising for your final semester your adviser will check the “radio” button on the top. This will alert the college of your intentions and trigger them to send you an email to schedule a final graduation check sometime during your final semester.
  • FAQs
    • Focus Courses
      • The ME curriculum provides your Ethics (E), Oral Communication (O), and all five Writing Intensive (W) focus requirements (True as of Fall 2018).
      • You need to take a Hawaiian Studies (H) focus. You should pick either an FG, your DS, or your DH/DL course that is H focus to cover this focus requirement and avoid taking an extra course.
    • Technical Electives (TE)
      • You need to take 3 TEs. TEs are typically 400 or 600-level engineering courses.
      • You can replace one TE with a non-ME course (see the fine print of your checksheet)
      • The TEs listed in the catalog are not taught every semester. Plan accordingly.
      • Many TEs that are not listed in the catalog are offered each semester. The department advertises these courses by email – so pay attention.
      • Some instructors allow well-prepared students to take their ME 600 level courses. If you are interested in a ME 600 level course email the instructor and use the Course Substitution Petition Form.
      • You can use participation in a VIP team (Engr 296 and Engr 396) for technical elective credit. Use the Course Substitution Petition Form.
    • Senior Design Projects
      • Pi Tau Sigma holds a senior design showcase most spring semesters with information about senior design projects for the next year. This will likely change somewhat as ME 481 will be offered every semester starting in Spring 2019
      • Review the senior design website registration information, project pages, and future project discussion forums.