SAE Formula 2016-2017




Formula SAE is an international collegiate competition, in which students from universities around the globe work in teams to design, build, and compete with a formula-style racecar. This type of competition requires students to use classroom knowledge for a real life project. By the end of the project, students will be able to gain skills, knowledge, and abilities in which no engineering, automotive, or business course could replace. The Rainbow Warrior Racing Team at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa was developed from the mechanical engineering undergraduate senior design course. We have created a program that will allow underclassmen students to shadow upperclassmen in order to continue this project in their senior design course. We have also opened the team to anyone who attends the university in hopes to expand our knowledge and perspectives contributing to our project. As a result, our team has become more diverse with over 30 students coming from different disciplines, ethnic groups, and ages.

Mission statement

We are the Rainbow Warrior Racing (RWR) Team representing the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. The 2018 Formula SAE competition will be the fith consecutive year for RWR. RWR is still in the fledgling stages of developing a lasting Formula program but we are building upon the foundation developed by the 2014 team. The primary goal for the 2018 car is to complete all dynamic events in the competition. Focusing on engineering analysis and data driven design will increase our chances of completing all the competition events. Formula SAE spans an entire academic year, but the lessons and experiences we learn extend into our careers and everyday lives.

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You may contact our Project Manager, Keanu Kim at for more information.