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RIP Lab, founded by the Dr. Trimble and the advisor to the team,  proved to be an invaluable resource to the team. From mentors to work area, RIP Lab is the backbone to Team Kanaloa.

[Final] College of Engineering Logo

Founded in 1908, the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii has since become a leading center for innovation and research in the Pacific. Team Kanaloa was graciously awarded funding and resources from the the College of Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering department to assist in the development of the team’s project.


Sponsored by the US Navy and administered by the University of Hawaii, ARL conducts research for various government agencies. With a focus on naval applications, ARL generously funded a significant portion of Team Kanaloa’s project in the early days of the team.


The Marine Technology Society is an organization that promotes the awareness, understanding, advancement, and application of marine technology. The Hawaii Section of the Marine Technology Society graciously provided a platform for its members to make charitable donations to Team Kanaloa.


Founded in 1973, Makai Ocean Engineering provides design engineering and development services. With a wide breadth of talent, Team Kanaloa was fortunate in obtaining mentorship from one of their engineers and a University of Hawaii alumnus.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the largest technical, professional organization in the world, is dedicated to benefiting humanity through technological innovation and excellence. Through the kind support from a mentor of the team, Team Kanaloa was gifted our first set of trolling motors with a IEEE grant.


MathWorks is a leader in the development of mathematical computing software. A team license for MATLAB was graciously provided to Team Kanaloa to help in the development of our robotic systems.

Banner Engineering Logo

Founded in 1966, Banner Engineering has since become a global leader in process and industrial automation. The LED light, provided by Banner, onboard the WAM-V is used to provide feedback and indicate the state of the vessel.

Ultimate Innovations

Founded in 1989, Ultimate Innovations is a local Hawaiian company dedicated to providing the ultimate in landscaping. When asked, Ultimate Innovations kindly provided assistance with the transport of Team Kanaloa’s WAM-V.