People of the RIP Lab


Lab Director

A Zachary Trimble

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering


2540 Dole St.

Holmes Hall 302

Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-7597

Fax: (808) 956-2373

Full CV


PhD Student

Brennan Yamamoto


Researcher, gizmologist. Trying to balance the two.


MS Student

Grant Takara


Passionate about what I learn in engineering, healthcare, and business, can help those around me.


  • Manoa Astronomical Technologies (2016-2017)

Bryant Higa, Collin Happ, John Bredall, Karen Calaro, Ryan Matsumoto, Clinton Ng, Heather Situ, Reginald Tolentino, Nicole Clare Hortizuela, Andrew Millard, Joseph Yee

  • Team Kanaloa (2016-2017)

Aricia, Ileana, Amy, Karla, Steven, Jonathan, Raina Ann, Richard, Nicole Clare, Kai, Michael, Kelan, Christianne, Minshik, Steven, Paulo, Michael, Thomas, Aaron, Andrew, Nathan, Johnny, Kobe, Ryan, Russell, Chauncey, Eric, Allison, Darren, Brennan

  • Aaron Nagamine, B.S. (2017)

  • Tina Li (2017)

Finite Element Study of Self-Deflections in Large Mirrors Subject to Kinematic Mounts

  • Shane Brown, B.S. (2017)

  • Manoa Astronomical Technologies (2015-2016)

 Nick, Cody, Ryan, Annam, Melissa, Andy, Jonathan, Henry, Tina, Bryant

  • Laura Fitzpatrick, M.S. (2016)

Verification of a marine chemical plume model for use in the development of autonomous vehicle tracking systems

  • Reika Arta, M.S. (2016)

Machine to automate soil humidity variation during multiple, co-occurring, climatic-variable, plant-growth experiments

  • Evan Akuna, B.S. (2015)

  • Brennan Yamamoto, M.S. (2015)

A design tool for electromagnetically-transduced vibration energy harvesters and its implications on the limits of natural frequency tuning

  • Daniel Wong, M.S. (2014)

Design rules for volume normalizing vibration energy harvesting devices