Manufacturing Assets Available to Students

Manufacturing Assets Available to Students

This page details some of the manufacturing assets available to mechanical engineering students.  As a student, note the following:

  1. Safety is paramount.  All students must be properly safety trained before operating machine shop equipment.  When in doubt, ask for assistance.
  2. These manufacturing assets are a privilege.  They are not an entitlement to you as a student.  Failure to follow the proper protocol (most notably safety) will result in your team losing access to these assets.
  3. Consult with your course instructor first for approval, before requesting access to any manufacturing asset for the first time.
  4. This listing is not official.  It is accurate to the best of our knowledge; however, it is your responsibility as a student to clarify with the appropriate facilities director, the appropriate protocols for operating and/or utilize any of the below facilities.

Last Update: 06 January, 2016

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Mechanical Engineering Machine Shops

Mechanical Engineering Rapid Prototyping Labs

College of Engineering Machine Shop

Resources Outside Mechanical Engineering

Resources Outside the University of Hawaii at Manoa