ME 481/482 – Design Project I/II

ME 481/482 – Senior Design Project I/II

ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2016-2017
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2015-2016
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2014-2015
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2013-2014


  • 03/15 – Midterm Presentations
    Audience: Engineers

    Format: Formal Presentation with questions at the end.
    Time: 30 mins
    Focus: Testing and lessons learning from testing including quantification of your previous analytic models. If the models didn’t match what had to be changed to get them to match and what iterations, changes, or redesigns has that lead to. Detailed progress update: Where exactly are you now and how does that compare to where your schedule says you should be. How do you get from where you are now to done? What is your biggest current risk? What are the most important next tasks?
    (Alternatively, if you are giving a competition presentation, follow those rules.)As can be seen, the content is very similar to the last few presentation, but now the format is formal (i.e. we will hold our questions to the end). You have had a chance to see what types of questions we ask and thus should now be able to format the presentations to contain the necessary information in the necessary order with the necessary context to be understood by an audience without questions. Thus the focus is more on the presentation skills.

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