ME 481/482 – Design Project I/II

ME 481/482 – Senior Design Project I/II

ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2013-2014
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2014-2015
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2015-2016


  • 9/17 – Presentation Grade Sheet posted
  • 9/17 – Presentation Dress Code — Hawaiian Business Casual
  • 9/18 or 9/20 Project Proposal Presentations
    -Audience: Technical (Other engineers)
    -Format: Formal (Questions will be held to the end if at all possible)
    -Time: 50 min total (during your lab time) – Leave 15 mins for questions and discussion
    -Participation: Everyone on the team presents
    -Attendance: You must attend all presentations in your section. You are expected to be an active peer reviewer and ask questions.
    -Evaluation: Based on the presentation evaluation criteria posted on the course website.

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