ME 481/482 – Design Project I/II

ME 481/482 – Senior Design Project I/II

ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2013-2014
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2014-2015
ME 481/482 Senior Design Projects 2015-2016


  • 01/21 – Chemical Safety Training during lecture on Wednesday, 01/24
    • Everyone that is or will be using composites or any other chemicals during your manufacturing processes must attend the chemical safety training arranged by Mr. Moore and provided by the UH EHSO. After this training you still need to get authorization for any chemicals or epoxies you bring into the lab from Mr. Moore and get your manufacturing process approved. In some cases additional training may be required.
    • Schedule updated accordingly
  • 01/17 – Project Review (Oral Presentation #1) Information
    Audience: Engineers
    Format: Design Review (i.e. questions during the presentation)
    Time: 40min
    Location: POST 544 during your lab time
    Focus: Where exactly are you now (i.e. what were you able to get done since the CDR) and how does that compare to where your schedule says you should be. How do you get from where you are now to done. What are your most significant achievements? What is your biggest current risk? What are the most important next tasks?
  • 01/17 – Oral Communication Lecture Slides Posted in Oral Communication Section

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